Norfolk Tourist Attractions – A Tourist’s Paradise

Norfolk is a place that caters to the varied interests of people irrespective of age or other criteria. It is a tourist’s paradise offering innumerable solutions to spend your time and enjoy your stay in the quaint county of England at any time of the year.

Listed below are some of the places that should be on the list of places to visit. Though this is not comprehensive it offers a fairly good idea about the places of interest in Norfolk.

  • Barton House Railway

This is a place which will easily fit into the budget of every traveller but the nostalgia it offers is priceless. The Barton House Railway is located near the River Bure in Wroxham Norfolk. This is a miniature railway which offers tourists a choice of two rides- the Midland railway and the Riverside railway. The trip which tourists of all ages can experience brings back the old world charm and includes a ride on miniature steam train coaches, with real tickets and signals. Tourists can choose between the Midland or Riverside railway rides and have a chance to visit the railway museum. Fresh homemade cakes and refreshments are also available.

  • Amazona Zoo

The Amazona zoo located in Cromer, Norfolk is an animal lover’s paradise housing over 200 animals from South America. The zoo is home to jaguars, monkeys, guinea pigs and a wide variety of birds such as macaws, owls and parrots. Insects and reptile such as spiders and snake are also housed in the zoo.

The zoo which is situated in a secluded spot in the Northern Coast of Norfolk also includes an outdoor play area and an indoor one too. The zoo also has replicated a rainforest spring and it provides hours of unlimited fun for kids and adults.

  • Davenport’s Magic Kingdom

Magic and magicians have always held a sway over us from time memorial. For people who are fascinated by the make believe world then this place is a must visit. This is the only museum in the United Kingdom exclusively for magic and theatre which is open for public viewing. The Witches to Wonder exhibition is trip down the magical journey of Davenport. The Davenport’s magic shop of the 1920’s has been replicated and offers live shows and magic tricks. The facility also has a beginner’s course in magic for the people who are interested. The place has a licensed cafĂ© and a Magic Emporium which has magic tricks for all ages.

Norfolk is Unique in its Own

The above listed places of interest are quite interesting. However, each and every city and town in the county has more to offer.

What needs to be understood is that Norfolk is unique in its own way when it comes to options for tourists. There are places of cultural interest, churches catering to the religious, shopping arcades, zoos not to forget the coast and the country side. Considering the wide variety of tourist places that the county offers Norfolk should certainly be on the bucket list of every tourist.