How to get to Norfolk?

Norfolk is located in the northern part of East Anglia, UK. With rigged coastlines, field for miles and a number of other diverse landscapes, Norfolk combines wild beauty with history and a number of events. Bars and clubs abound, even a few casinos but the with the distances to be travelled visitors might be better off sticking to Thrills casino on their phone and whiling away some of the travel time. A must visit in the United Kingdom, it’s a little off the beaten track.

Getting here from Abroad

Firstly of course, those coming from overseas will have to fly in. There are a number of airports that are a little further afield such as Luton and Stanstead that take a large number of International flights and are a little bit closer than the larger Heathrow and Gatwick. However there is one airport a lot closer in the form of Norwich International Airport. Predominantly catering to domestic flights, there are international ones landing here as well though potential visitors must see if this is a possibility for them. If this is not possible then flying into any of the London airports, visitors will find there are a number of ways to then make your way to Norfolk. There is also a ferry option for those coming from the Netherlands but this only goes to Harwich, a two-hour train ride from Norwich.

From London to Norfolk

For domestic visitors there are a number of ways to arrive into Norfolk. Norwich is the main town in Norfolk and this is where most public transport will be headed. Trains are easy with services running very regularly from London and passing through Cambridge, Ely and Great Yarmouth and taking just under two hours in total. For those coming from Scotland or the North, there are plenty of trains down to Peterborough and from there a simple switch to a train for Norwich. Coach services also run regular routes to Norwich though they may require prebooking in busier seasons. The last alternative is to drive which will allow the visitors to experience the countryside at a much more leisurely pace.