Beautiful Churches and Cathedrals in Norfolk

No visit to a place is complete without a visit to the places of religious interest. More often these religious sites reflect the varied and exclusive cultural identity of the place.

Norfolk is no exception to this rule. The county is home to over 650 of them each with its unique architecture and history and it abounds in churches and cathedrals.

Cathedrals and Churches in Norfolk:

  • The Norman Cathedral or the Norfolk Cathedral situated in the heart of the city is a classic example of the medieval architecture and has been built in a way to replicate the Roman original cathedral. It is famous for its stained glass windows, Bishop’s Throne, its 315 foot spire, radiating chapels, its huge cloisters and a long aisle with fourteen bays.
  • The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist reflects the Victorian architecture and was built as a gift from the 15th Duke of Norfolk. The cathedral offers great views of the city, a cruciform Christ on the Cross with the chancel and Christ’s head leaning towards one side.
  • St Helen’s Church has been in existence in Ranworth since 1390 and is one of the tallest churches offering wonderful views of the landscape from the tower. The church also known as the Cathedral of the Broads has magnificent stained glass windows and painted roods.
  • St. Nicholas’s village church is famous for its tall tower (100 ft. high) which is considered as the tallest in Norfolk. The church also boasts of a turret which used to guide ships in olden days. Wood carvings and stained glass windows are found in these churches too.
  • The tower of the St. Mary’s Church in the village of Happisburgh is around 110 ft. high. The church is famous for its stained glass windows of an English knight. The church has an octagonal font and a backlight to the rood. St. Mary’s Church is a 16th century church situated in Sandringham is one of the finest examples of a building built with carrstone. The Royal family frequents this church on a regular basis.

The above list offers just a peak into the numerous churches in Norfolk. There are many more with their own history and specialties. Each church has its own story and visits to these churches steeped in history is a must do for all tourists who visit Norfolk.