Welcome to Norfolk !

Norfolk – Not to Be Missed

Visiting the fourth largest county Norfolk in the United Kingdom is one of the things that need to be never missed during a trip to England. The county offers it visitors unending coastlines and a much needed rural and refreshing break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Norwich

The city which lies on the River Wensum is the regional administrative centre and is an eclectic mixture of both the modern and traditional. The easy to access city is high on the shopping quotient and has a thriving art and cultural scene. The city is listed as UNESCO City of Literature.

  • Norfolk Broads

These are numerous interconnected rivers and lakes within Norfolk totalling approximately 303 kilometres. Though only 200 sq. kilometres of the waterways are navigable they have been known as the Britain’s Magical Waterland. The Broads have much more than boating. They have lot of cycling, walking tracks with hotels, bread and breakfast options.

  • Great Yarmouth

This is the coastal town of Norfolk situated on the river Yare and a sea side resort. The town is situated on a narrow spit between the North Sea and the River Yare. The town is famous for its historic rows or narrow streets. The town boasts of one of the oldest architecture of the Isle of Wight. Yarmouth castle and Fort Victoria are some of the other sites of tourist interest in the town.

Extended Coastline and Picturesque Countryside

Beside these Norfolk is famous for its unique and long coastline. There are numerous beaches which line them and these clean beaches are an ideal family destination. The picturesque countryside of Norfolk is another family destination which should not be missed. The small villages bring in a lot of nostalgia and offers innumerable opportunities for cycling and walking. Tourists can experience country life in its full splendour.

There is lots more than what has been mentioned here. Norfolk is a complete package for tourists of all ages. Though a visit to the county of Norfolk seems less glamorous than other famous tourist destinations it offers one of the best holidays that a tourist could wish for.